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To book your child on to a Teddy Tennis class see below

  • If this is the first time you have used our online booking system you will need to register your details by clicking on the link below in the blue banner.
  • To book a class scroll down to the green banners, choose the venue/location of your choice and click to book, and to get more details about the class(s).

Download the latest “Teddy Sport” App to make your online booking (available for both Apple and Android users) Very user-friendly and convenient!



Hi Everyone!

Teddy tennis is a curriculum based tennis program focused on Early Learning Key Stages , such as: Hand-eye-coordination, Locomotor skills, Ball skills (catching and throwing), Racket skills, Movement skills, Laterality skills (directions, left , right etc.), Agility, Proprioception (being aware of where your body is in space to itself and other objects.

This is all taught while teaching the foundations of tennis in a FUN and interactive learning environment.

Who can play: Anyone from age 2 to 6 years

Fees: R630/term with R200 once-off registration



Head Ted

Marna Swiegers

All the Head Teds, who form part of the Gustav Fichardt Tennis Academy in Bloemfontein, are well trained to make sure that your child develops within this fun-filled curriculum.

Course & Contact Details

Kindly contact Marna Swiegers at 060 972 3719 or on the abovementioned details for further information, questions and bookings.

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Venue Information

Mondays: Oranje Pre-primary at 10:30 and 11:00

Thursdays: CVO Dankbaar at 8:00

If your child is not in one of these schools PLEASE contact me so that I can accomodate you with other times and arrangements

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